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About Signature Sport Fundays

Please note the following information with regards to how Signature Sports are preparing our activities under the current social distancing guidelines to ensure they are safe for all children and our staff.

  • We will limit capacity to 30 children per day.
  • If a day fills, we will have a waiting list of 10 people who will automatically take a place if there is a cancellation or if guidance allows us to extend capacity.
  • Children will be assigned to groups prior to arrival which will become their play bubbles.
  • Cleaning will take place at regular intervals.
  • Only equipment which can easily be cleaned will be used and contained to bubbles.
  • Start and end times will be staggered 15 minutes before and after start and end times. Please only arrive during your allocated slot to help limit number of people on site at any one time.
  • Adults will have to drop off children on arrival and will not be allowed to enter base room.
  • Hand washing will take place regularly, before and after eating and playing.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned at intervals throughout the day.
  • Children will need to bring their own lunches and drinks.
  • Games will be contact free.
  • Anybody who develops symptoms will be isolated and sent home immediately and must not re-attend until 14 days isolation period is over.
Parachute games at Bristol primary school sports club


Individual Funday sessions are £17.50 per day

Discounted £15.00 per day rate available when booking siblings or when we offer multiple day bookings of 6+.

Fundays run from 9am-3pm. (Timings may be slightly staggered for popular days to help reduce parent traffic)

30 spaces available per day - waiting list for additional 10.

Places can be booked via website, text or call.

Places must be paid for in advance and place only confirmed when payment made. Payments to be made via our website, by BACs or Cash.

If you need to cancel dates, refunds will only be offered if your places are filled. If we cancel we will offer full refunds.

Start/end times will be sent out in due course.

Any queries or questions, please contact us via this website or contact a member of our team on the numbers below:

Ashley - Funday Manager - 07838 350564

Ben - Head of Operations - 07889 943178

Select School

St Patricks Primary School Fundays


St Patricks - Tuesday 1st June

£ 17.50 

St Patricks - Wednesday 2nd June

£ 17.50 

St Patricks - Thursday 3rd June

£ 17.50 

Holy Family Primary School Fundays
(New Venue - Replacing Shield Road Primary)


Holy Family - Tuesday 1st June

£ 17.50 

Holy Family - Wednesday 2nd June

£ 17.50 

Holy Family - Thursday 3rd June

£ 17.50 

Parkwall Primary School Fundays


Parkwall - Tuesday 1st June

£ 17.50 

Parkwall - Wednesday 2nd June

£ 17.50 

Parkwall - Thursday 3rd June

£ 17.50