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Term-Time Sports Clubs in Bristol

A wide selection of after school sports clubs run by our skilled & dedicated coaching team

Our term time activities offer children aged from Reception to Year 8 an exciting range of well organised and affordable after school sports clubs across Bristol. In most cases sessions are only available for the children at the ‘host’ school, however, we also provide a number of high quality sports sessions that are open to children from all schools. Take a look at the great choices available this term.

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Group activities for primary school children

PPA Cover

We currently provide sports PPA cover to a number of our schools. Our first aid trained, enhanced DBS checked, coaches deliver outstanding quality PE lessons across all ages. Allowing teachers the time they need to plan, prepare and assess. Full assessments are provided every term so teachers can see the progress their children are making in PE.


Staff CPD

Our Staff CPD training programme is the perfect tool for Bristol schools to improve their teachers, LSA's and SMSA's ability and confidence in delivering high quality sports sessions. Staff will be able to watch and learn from our top coaches before taking the lead with assistance. Duration of courses can vary depending on needs and all Staff CPD can be paid for with the sports premium.


After School Clubs

Our term time extra curricular activities offer children aged from Reception to Year 6 an exciting range of well organised and affordable after school sports clubs in schools across Bristol. Parents can see what we are providing and book their children's soaces via their schools main offices. 

The schools we are currently delivering after school clubs to are below...


121 Behaviour Support

Sport can be a fantastic gateway for children who may find classroom based provision difficult. It can also be a great tool to improve social skills, independent learning and controlling emotions. Our coaches can deliver tailored sessions either in small groups or 1:1 to help those children who would really benefit from an controlled energy release during the school day. We have been highly recommended by Dr Jan Filer for our behaviour support provision.

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