Group Mentoring and 1:1 Support

Our Mentoring Services

Alongside our other sports and coaching services, Signature Sports are able to offer mentoring services for children that might find traditional learning challenging. These can be done as groups or in 1:1 sessions.

Please see below for our full range of services and if you are interested in any of our mentoring sessions at your school, please get in touch.


Small group or 1:1 Outdoor Learning

Our uniquely planned sessions are brilliant for those children who embrace learning outside of the classroom or for those who can find the classroom a challenging environment and need that energy release in a controlled outdoor environment with the help of a male or female role model. Our mentors provide a chance for the children to excel in tasks such as den making, mud kitchens, scavenger hunts, leaf missions, raft building, team bonding challenges and lot of sports games, improving important life skills such as communication, trust, construction, friendship and more. When possible, we can plan these sessions so they are cross curricular with what the children are studying in class. For example, if the children are studying seasons in class, children can build their dens to the season required - winter will be enclosed, summer will have windows etc.

SEN focus groups

Our SEN focus groups allow children with additional needs to indulge themselves in a series of Signature Sports designed games and challenges. We are currently running focus groups designed to improve mobility and fundamental sports skills, whilst ensuring the sessions are fun and enjoyed by all taking part.

The SEN focus groups also allow the children the chance to express themselves away from a whole class environment, and can be a great opportunity for the children involved to build confidence and self-esteem.

In-Class Support

Our In-class support gives offers children the extra confidence and boost needed to perform academically. Through experience, we have found this works well on a reward driven basis. For example, if a child who is disrupting the group on a regular basis manages to complete his/her big write, they are rewarded by being able to go with the mentor to enjoy a sports game or challenge etc. If a child is not complying, our mentor will also be on hand to take them out of class, defuse the situation, stopping any escalation, before phasing them back to class when they feel ready.

1:1 Mentoring

We are beginning to specialise in 1:1 mentoring sessions. We can offer pupils the support and guidance through the support of one of our female or male sporting role models. Our uniquely planned sessions help build self-esteem, improve social skills and allow the energy release needed to improve focus for the rest of the school day. Sessions can last from 30 minutes up to a whole morning or afternoon of provision dependant on the needs of the school.

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